Sapele Briefcase

KShs23,548.00 Incl .VAT

Msafiri Travel Wallet

KShs5,220.00 Incl .VAT

Credit card holder

KShs2,320.00 Incl .VAT

Bondei Gym Bag

KShs9,628.00 Incl .VAT

Sapele City Laptop Bag

KShs9,628.00 Incl .VAT

Baphia-Nene Clutch bag

KShs5,800.00 Incl .VAT

Nanda Tote Hair-on

KShs16,588.00 Incl .VAT

Nanda Tote-mkonge

KShs16,588.00 Incl .VAT

Eden Handmade Mask

KShs406.00 Incl .VAT

Okoubaka Clutch bag

KShs6,380.00 Incl .VAT

Olive Tote Bag

KShs14,268.00 Incl .VAT

Aloe Crossbody

KShs7,540.00 Incl .VAT

We are constantly seeking new ways to use the world’s smartest natural materials. After years of research, we harnessed the incredible powers of merino wool from New Zealand to create a feel like no other.