Made with love passion and pride

Eden is a creative collaboration of a small team of craftsmen based in Nairobi - Kenya an area with a rich heritage and culture. Our mission is to produce goods that are unique and affordable.

Our leather goods are handmade with passion and love.

The History

We know a thing or two about leather. That's because we keep making high quality, comfy and stylish products, all right here in Kenya. Those decades of hours of dedication leading to experience and expertise, mean that we're proud to bring you a range that is of unbeatable quality, and service that's second to none. This is the paradise of leather - Eden Leather Goods.

The Approach

Designed in the simplest yet sharpest way, Eden Leather Goods are convenient, easy to wear and trendy. The Cutting and stitching are hand-made in a traditional way by qualified craftsmen, renowned for their dexterity, their experience and their know-how.

The People

There’s not just history in Kenya, there is a future. Here at Eden, we are reclaiming the making of things that are made well and redefining leather luxury through unmatched quality. Thriving through culture, excellence of craft, pride of work and investing in local skill.

The Products

The intrinsic art of leather craft has virtually existed from the beginning of time and handmade leather goods are part and parcel of our daily lives. With leather crafting in our gene, we cannot help but combine beautiful and practical designs to share with the world. The raw edges, sleekness and durability of our leather products are the Eden covenant.