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Acacia Bag

KShs5,500.00 Excl .VAT

Aloe Crossbody

KShs6,500.00 Excl .VAT

Altara Weekender

KShs26,300.00 Excl .VAT


KShs18,300.00 Excl .VAT

Baphia Clutch bag

KShs4,500.00 Excl .VAT

Baphia-Nene Clutch bag

KShs5,000.00 Excl .VAT


KShs3,100.00 Excl .VAT

Belts | Beaded

KShs4,500.00 Excl .VAT

BMW Key Fob

KShs1,800.00 Excl .VAT

Body Warmers

KShs4,000.00 Excl .VAT